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The Social Transformation Course

social transformation

Break out of your shell and find the rich social life you deserve...

What does your life look like on a typical weekend night?

If you're anything like how I used to be, you're often just surfing the
internet, or watching TV, or reading a book.

For years that's what I called my "social life."

I didn't have any real friends. I didn't go out on dates. And I didn't
know how to just go to a bar or party and start instantly connecting
with people.

Whenever I was with a group of people, I was always the quiet and shy

I didn't know what to say. I didn't know how to keep a conversation
going. I was too nervous and tense to even pay attention to my
surroundings. It was like I was in a trance that I couldn't shake
myself out of.

All I wanted to do was go back home where I could feel safe again. The
outside world was unbearable.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Don't worry. You're not alone. Social anxiety is one of the most common
disorders people have. Studies show that about 1 in every 5 people
experience some type of social anxiety disorder.

Your social anxiety can create all types of problems in your life...

* You cancel plans last minute because you're too afraid to go out.
* You don't say a word in any of your group meetings or classes.
* Ordering food at a restaurant becomes a tedious, nerve-wracking
* Whenever someone laughs, you assume they are laughing at you.
* Whenever you hear people talking or whispering, you assume they are
talking about you.
* You're deathly afraid to open up to people, because you think they
will judge you in a negative way.
* People think that your silence means that you hate them.

With social anxiety, every tiny social interaction becomes a complex
problem that you don't know how to solve.

You feel like a complete loser. You start to hate the world around you
because it feels impossible to find anyone who you can connect with.

When I was like this, everything began to feel hopeless - I knew that I
had to start making a change or I was going to end up on a dark path I
could never get away from.

Addicted to Your Shell - Where It's Safe

Social Transformation

If you mention me to anyone from my classes in high school or college,
they will probably say I was the shyest in my class.

Or worse - they wouldn't even remember me.

I used to always try to blend into my social situations. I stayed in a
shell that I never wanted to come out of. I only went to places where I
felt completely safe and comfortable.

The truth is I didn't want to be noticed at all, because I was too
afraid of what people would think of me. I was too afraid no one would
like me. And I was too afraid people would see me for the "weirdo" and
"loser" that I thought I was.

My bedroom was my safe place, and I never wanted to leave it.

It was where I felt comfortable. It was where I didn't feel judged. And
it was where I didn't have to worry about people at all.

Over time, social anxiety makes you want to seclude yourself and stop
connecting with people. Forget trying to "go out" or "be social" -
that's way too much work and stress. It feels safer to just stay home.

And for awhile, being completely alone can work out "OK." Until you
realize it's not the answer...

The Self-Fulfilling Cycle of Social Anxiety

Social Transformation

For a very long time, I tried to convince myself that I didn't need
people to be happy.

Who needs people? Not me. I can be perfectly happy alone by myself.
People are overrated.

Social anxiety can become a self-fulfilling belief. You try to protect
yourself by thinking...

* "Everyone sucks."
* "People are just stupid."
* "No one's ever going to understand me."
* "Relationships are overrated."
* "I'm just not a friendly person."

Have you ever had any thoughts like these>?

The key problem is when you approach your relationships with this type
of NEGATIVE MINDSET, they start becoming a self-fulfilling belief.

You go into a social interaction with the BELIEF that "No one is going
to like me" and then you ACT in ways that actually make it come true.

The cycle looks like this: Beliefs -> Actions -> Results -> Beliefs.

If you have the belief that "No one is going to like me," then that
influences you to act more selfish, rude, or distant toward people. And
naturally, the people you act that way toward aren't going to like you.

Then worst of all, you take that new experience and confirm your old
mindset: "See? I'm right - I knew they weren't going to like me! No one
ever does! People suck!"

And you're NOT completely wrong...

No one is going to like you if you assume they aren't going to like you
before you even meet them. Your expectations are a powerful force in
the relationships you build with others.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to break this negative cycle of
negative expectations.

This is why social anxiety can often begin to feed into itself. Growing
stronger. Getting worse and worse.

When It's Finally Time to Make a Change

Social Transformation

When I was stuck in this vicious cycle of social anxiety, I finally
reached a point where I knew I had to make a change.

I couldn't keep going down this same path. I couldn't keep living my
life in fear and insecurity day after day. I was lonely, hopeless, and

Something had to change - ANYTHING - I truly felt like it was "do or
die" time.

This is what first sparked my interest in learning more about
psychology and how our minds work...

If I understood how my mind works then maybe I could change it. Maybe I
could turn my mind from an "enemy" into a "friend." And maybe I could
overcome my social anxiety and break this cycle...

Over the next 10 years, I became addicted to learning as much as I
could about how my mind works. I discovered and consumed hundreds of
different books, articles, podcasts, and videos about psychology and
self improvement.

Slowly, the pieces started coming together for me...

And after a lot of time, work, and failure, I started to discover what
really works vs. what doesn't work.

You see, I know there's a lot of information out there about how to
overcome "social anxiety" - and 99% of it is rehashed clichés or
complete crap. I know this because I've consumed it all.

But...there's also that 1% of advice and information out there that can
ACTUALLY help you.

It didn't happen overnight. It took me a really long time but I finally
started to find tips and advice that were actually helping me.

Gradually, my social anxiety became easier and easier to deal with...

Situations that used to make me really anxious, now only made me a
little anxious. And situations that used to make me a little anxious,
now didn't make me anxious at all.

It became easier to go out to new places. It became easier to make
plans and meet up with friends. And it became easier to start
approaching people and building new connections instantly.

I was getting better. Slowly...I was improving...

Breaking the Negative Cycle of Social Anxiety

Social Transformation

Is it possible to break this negative cycle?

How can you do it?

Often you need to make a change in your attitude before you can start
thinking, feeling, and acting differently in your social world.

This is no small feat. Real change takes real effort, dedication, and
time. There are no magical solutions to social anxiety. Sorry, it's

However, there are tools and exercises that will push your mind in a
new direction.

By practicing these exercises, you can more easily "let go" of all the
negative experiences from your past and stop letting them shape your
future. You start building a new social self from a fresh new slate.

When you get your mind moving in a new direction - and seeing things in
a whole new light - you can begin cultivating new expectations and new
ways of interacting in your social world.

These new expectations then become a new type of self-fulfilling

Instead of going into a social event thinking "No one is going to like
me," you start thinking new and healthier belief patterns like...

* "People will like me once they get to know me."
* "I can build a positive connection with anyone."
* "I'm a really good person, even if not everyone can see that right

Imagine approaching your relationships with this new mindset?

Imagine how much easier it would be to connect with others if you had
positive expectations going in - and not the usual negative

How would you think differently? How would you feel differently? How
would you act differently?

And how would all of these lead to an overall change in the
relationships you build with others?

This shift in your mindset is the ultimate goal if you want to overcome
your social anxiety.

It's Time to Share Everything I've Discovered!

Social Transformation

Building a new mindset isn't always easy.

However, discovering the right tools, exercises, and information can be
of tremendous help.

Over the past decade I've discovered over 50 exercises that can have a
huge impact on how your mind works.

I literally owe my life to these exercises. They have saved my life in
so many ways. And to be painfully honest, I don't know where I'd be
without them.

Now that I've discovered these amazing tools and exercises for myself,
I feel an overwhelming passion to share them with you.

My life was so miserable and depressing at one point - so if these
exercises can help me improve my life, I know they can help you as

In fact, everyone should learn about how their minds work and how to
improve them. There should be a class in school that teaches every kid
how to use these powers.

If we did that, the whole world would be a better place.

In my quest to make the world a better place, I've put together
everything you need to know about self improvement in an easy
step-by-step system that anyone can practice and master within weeks.

The best part is: you don't have to go through the years of painful
research that I did. It's all here for you right now.

This system is called The Social Transformation Course.

Do you want to learn more about it?

The Social Transformation Course

Social Transformation

The Social Transformation Course teaches you important tools and
exercises in a simple and easy-to-follow system that anyone can begin
practicing for themselves.

You don't need a psychologist. You don't need a therapist. And you
don't need a pill. You just need a willingness to learn and try new
things - and the Social Transformation Course provides all the guidance
and information you need.

The structure of the course is simple. It's a 3 month course that
includes 14 different lessons that will be sent each week. You'll also
receive additional articles, ebooks, videos, and MP3s that will
compliment the main course.

Here's a quick breakdown of each week's lesson:

* Week #1: Getting your mind to start thinking in a new direction
* Week #2: Focusing on your strengths and positive attributes
* Week #3: Building new thought patterns that inspire and motivate
* Week #4: Identifying the areas in your life that give you social
* Week #5: How to use your body to change your mental state
* Week #6: Reframing "negative beliefs" into "positive beliefs" that
are more constructive
* Week #7: Finding ways to socialize in small ways that are easy for
* Week #8: How conversations work and never run out of things to say
* Week #9: Exposing yourself to new situations and expand your
comfort zone
* Week #10: Finding positive role models in your life that you can
learn from
* Week #11: The power of your imagination to prepare your mind for
the real world
* Week #12: Practicing improvisation to think more freely and
* Week #13: Discovering how role playing can help you expand your
* Week #14: Practicing "loving-kindness" to expand your positivity
toward everyone

Each of these lessons is an important piece of the self improvement
"puzzle" that will ultimately help you overcome your social anxiety and

Each week you'll receive a new lesson that goes in depth on one of
these topics - and each week will include "take home" exercises that
you'll be able to practice on your own time.

There is a lot of information throughout the course, so it was very
important to me that it was structured in a very easy-to-digest way so
that you'll never feel overwhelmed by it.

One of the main goals behind the Social Transformation Course is to
give you a wide range of exercises, tools, and information - but in a
simple and easy to understand way that anyone can practice and benefit

Throughout the course I will also be sending out "Follow Up" emails to
help keep you on track and give you an opportunity to ask questions and
get feedback on your progress.

Spreading out the material over the course of 14 weeks will give you a
good amount of time to follow all the lessons and complete all of the
exercises without getting overwhelmed.

You'll also always have access to everything so you can feel free to go
at your own pace (or even redo lessons at anytime).

Mind-Changing Hypnosis Exercises

social transformation

Throughout the course you will receive several hypnosis exercises in
MP3 format. You can choose to listen to these on your computer, iPod,
mobile phone, or tablet.

These MP3s will be very useful to guide you throughout the course - and
the best part is you will always have them to go back to when you need
them. They are yours forever!

These hypnosis MP3 exercises include:
* Progressive Muscle Relaxation - A very simple hypnosis walkthrough
that will help you calm your whole body from head-to-toe. One of
the most common relaxation exercises supported by scientific
* Blue Energy Hypnosis - A great hypnosis exercise where you
visualize a calm "blue energy" around you. You can bring this calm
"blue energy" with you wherever you go, so you'll be able to calm
yourself in literally any situation.
* Social Confidence Hypnosis - Another visualization exercise that is
designed to boost feelings of self-esteem and confidence. This will
be very useful to help boost your confidence before a big date, job
interview, or public presentation.
* Break Up Hypnosis - This is another wonderful hypnosis that will
help you get over any "break up" or "divorce" with someone who you
are still very attached to.

All of these are yours to keep forever once you sign up to The Social
Transformation Course!

10 Bonus Self Help Ebooks

social transformation

As someone who has been studying psychology for over a decade, I've
written dozens of guides on self improvement.

It's truly my utmost passion to share as much knowledge and information
as possible with those who seek to better themselves and their lives.
If this knowledge can help me, then I know it can help others too!

That's why I've decided that any student of The Social Transformation
Course will also get ALL of the guides that I've written over the past
few years.

These bonus self help ebooks include:

A Roadmap to Relationships

A comprehensive guide on everything relationships, including helpful
exercises to improve your self-esteem, communication, body language,
empathy, and build healthier connections with others.
The Science of Self Improvement

This is my main self improvement guide which includes key chapters on
beliefs, emotions, habits, relationships, work, and health - all which
come together to give you a "complete picture" of your mind and mental
Meditation Guide

This workbook includes 9 different meditations to help you improve your
awareness toward many areas of your life, including a "Breathing
Meditation," "Sound Meditation," and "Walking Meditation."
The Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

This workbook includes 8 different tools and exercises designed to help
you better manage your emotions and respond to them more effectively in
your daily life
Gratitude Workbook

This is a 15 day workbook that will walk you through different tools
and exercises related to improving gratitude and appreciation toward
your life.
How to Meet New People

This guide is focused on how to overcome "approach anxiety" - our fear
of meeting new people and sparking conversations. It also includes
helpful tips on how to improve your social
The Science of Self-Affirmations

This guide includes everything you'll ever need to know about "positive
affirmations" how to actually use them, including over 100 affirmations
from my own personal collection.
31 Day Self Improvement Workbook

A 31 day step-by-step crash course, including daily exercises, to help
get you started on your self improvement journey and start seeing
immediate benefits. Easily printable too!
Big Goals Guide

This guide is focused on how to properly set "big goals" in your life
(both at work and home) and how to stay motivated while working to
achieve them. It includes practical advice and exercises.

These guides will be a fantastic resource for you as you start your
path of self improvement.

By themselves, these guides are worth the whole price of this course -
but I'm throwing them in completely for free, because I want you to
know that I'm really serious about this stuff and I believe this stuff
really works.

If you read all of these guides, you'll likely never need to read a
self improvement book ever again!

Unlimited Email Support

Social Transformation

While much of this course is focused on self improvement, it always
helps to have people in your corner rooting you on and motivating you.

Throughout the course, I will be available as a friend and coach. You
can feel free to email me at anytime and I'll get back to you with
positive feedback and constructive advice.

Many times I find that I can offer more personalized information and
advice if I know specifically about you, your situation, and what
you're currently going through in your life.

So by giving you guys opportunities to interact with me one on one, I
can dive much, much deeper into what I know, and share far more
information with you than if you were just reading an article or an
ebook by me.

As many of you already know, my life is centered on learning more about
psychology and self improvement. I read new books, articles, and
studies on a daily basis. I also moderate online communities about
psychology on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit with hundreds of thousands
of subscribers.

I literally eat and breathe psychology and self improvement - so there
is a lot I can share with you through 1 on 1 discussions if you use me
as a resource to learn from, or just a friend to talk to.

The Social Transformation Course gives you direct access to me via
e-mail for the whole duration of the course. So if you have any
thoughts or questions you want to ask me at anytime, you can e-mail me
- and I'll respond back to you within 24 hours with lengthy and
detailed responses.

It really matters to me that you make the most of the course and the
knowledge I'll be sharing with you. By giving you more access to me, I
can better ensure that you get as much out of this course as you
possibly can.

Ultimately, you will only get out of this course what you're willing to
put in. The more you participate, follow the material, and ask me
questions - the more value you're going to get out of it.

(P.S. - If you interact with me on Twitter @NewSocialSelf, you already
know how sincere I am when it comes to reaching out to people and
answering their questions.)

60 Day - "Try The Course" - 100% Money Back Guarantee

Social Transformation

Your investment in this course is backed by a 60 Day "Try The Course"
Money Back Guarantee.

Here's how it works:

When you enroll in the course today, you have a FULL 60 days to try out
the course and see if it's right for you.

If by the end of the 60 days you don't feel like the course works for
you, all you need to do is email me and I'll refund the full price of
the course with no questions asked.

Why do I do this? Because I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that
you're going to love this course and the results it brings you in your
life. And I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is to prove to you
this is the right course for you.

I believe in this course so much that I don't want you to feel like
there is any risk in signing up and trying this stuff out for yourself!
You deserve that guarantee.

See What People Are Saying...

The Social Transformation Course is a very new program but we just
recently finished with our first round of students. Here are some of
the positive things being said so far...

"Before I discovered Social Transformation, I was a freshman at college
who had zero friends and felt completely alone. By the end of this
course I've grown a new sense of confidence in myself and finally found
a social circle where I feel like I truly belong. Steven has been a
great help in allowing me to find my true self and become a more
sociable person. And because of him, I'm now looking forward to my next
few years at college."

Emma, 19

"I've been to countless therapists but no one seemed to really care
about me as much as Steven did. The lessons in the course provided me
with some great nuggets of wisdom but the real pay-off for me was
having Steven there by my side to answer my questions and give me
positive support. Steven is the real deal and I'm tremendously grateful
for his help. Thank you!"

Becca, 46

"I've never had a girlfriend or been on a date in my entire life. I
thought I was destined to be single and die alone. Social
Transformation taught me that anything is possible and no one has to
die alone. I went on my first date a couple weeks ago. This course is
awesome and taught me so much about myself."

Jake, 32

"This course is jam-packed with information! It starts a bit slow, but
the lessons continue to build on each other until you have a whole
system to help you improve yourself and your relationships. I've read
dozens of self improvement books in the past (and taken a few
seminars), but the Social Transformation Course is one of the most
practical and educational systems out there. Steven knows his stuff."

Paul, 57

"When I started taking medication for my social anxiety it really
helped me but I still felt like something was missing. The Social
Transformation Course has helped me fill in the blanks and take my
social life to the next level. I highly recommend it to anyone with
social anxiety no matter where you are in life."

Denise, 42

My students so far have been such amazing people. They took the lessons
seriously and we're highly engaged with all the materials, which I
think is very necessary if you want to make the most out of the course.

I can't possibly take all of the credit for their progress, but I'm
appreciative of all their kind words - and I can't wait to work with
more awesome people in the future!

Could you be the next success story?

Let's Get Started!

Social Transformation

Does the Social Transformation Course sound like something you want to


Let's share how you can get started today...

First, you're probably asking yourself what does a course like this
cost? Obviously this takes a lot of time, work, and dedication to
create, so I can't just open up the course to anyone.

But let me ask you...

What's it worth to you to start living the social life you want and not
just keep watching from the sidelines?

Living a healthy social life is so important to our happiness and
success, so there's really no proper amount of money that can
accurately reflect it.

If you were to go to a typical therapist or coach, you'd probably be
spending hundreds of dollars per hour to see them. And that quickly
adds up over time because you wouldn't just be spending that once, but
each time you visit.

At the end of the day, seeing a therapist or coach can cost you
thousands of dollars per year - and that's not something that many
people can realistically afford.

The goal of this course is to provide a much better solution - a system
that has all the information you need, delivered in an easy way that
anyone can get access to.

So let's just cut to it - the whole Social Transformation Course is
currently available for a one time investment of $99.99. This includes
all 3 months of lessons plus all of the bonus materials (and access to
the Social Transformation Community).

I understand that may seem like a lot to some, but keep in mind this is
a big course with a lot of content - and it requires your dedication
and commitment. You'll be getting 100x more information compared to
anything else out there.

The main reason I really wanted to do this at a super low price is
because this course is still very new and I think people should be
rewarded for taking action early and not just sitting still and doing
nothing. As the course gets more popular, it's possible that this price
will go up in the future.

So if you're the type of person to take action now then you're the type
of person that I want to take this course. And you're the type of
person that I want to work with and help out in the future.

Are you ready for the The Social Transformation Course? Do you want to
overcome your social anxiety and start transforming it into real social
confidence and social excellence?

Social Transformation Course
Basic Package
+ 3 Month Online Course
+ 14 Weekly Lessons on Social Confidence
+ 4 Mind-Changing Hypnosis MP3s
+ 10 Bonus Self Help Ebooks
+ Unlimited Email Support
[DEL: $200 :DEL]

social transformation-

All payments are secured through our retailer ClickBank. You'll receive
a personalized confirmation e-mail within 24 hours. If you have any
questions or comments, please email me at steve@socialtransformation.us
and I'll get back to you ASAP.


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registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation
located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and
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endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim,
statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.


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